Cantina Mustallar

Cottage Museum Sesto’s House

The palloza found next to the establishment, now a museum (recognized by the Xunta de Galicia and visited collection) also belongs to the family and is a must for the history and lifestyle of families in the pallozas traditional.

It presents various tools and equipment were used by the family, but more important is the building itself, a palloza, which was the main residence of the owners until 1970. The pallozas are circular stone buildings with thatched conical roof rye, castreña typology (in shape and materials could be the evolution of pre-Roman houses), are tailored to the needs of residents and the environment in a totally harmonica, maintain a constant indoor temperature and are distributed according to need.

In the palloza also can purchase gifts, as has a small shop, “Trisquel ceramics” which are exhibited and sold small pieces of red or black clay, porcelain or stoneware combined with recycled glass. The pieces are made of handmade and extol the characteristics of the area.