Cantina Mustallar

Meet us

Meet us

The Cantina Mustallar is a rural tourism establishment category farmhouse, as the family continues to make agroforestry work. Being a small, family-run where we can highlight the friendliness and personal attention and custom.

It is open since 1991, was the first guest farms worked in the saw and his name is because the canteen, which had been open since 1975, was already known by the name of Mustallar.

In 2009 there was a major work for the establishment and expansion we have five rooms have nine and one apartment.

Has a dining room with a simple but tasty menu, made from locally sourced produce.

An ideal place to relax, to move to an area with an interesting heritage and landscape and as a reference point for hiking and mountain trails.

Do not forget to ask about all the things that interest them in the mountains, because the written information can be found is scarce and often is little current.