Cantina Mustallar

Castle Doiras, Vilarello da Igrexa and San Miguel

O Castelo de Doiras, Vilarello da Igrexa e San Miguel

It is located in the parish of Vilarello, a promontory that overlooks the whole valley of Canceled.

Is an interesting and well preserved medieval castle, which belonged to the Lordship of Cervantes and the Counts of Grajal.

Date fifteenth century, is rectangular and two towers, one 16-meter high. The high and thick walls of tile with which it is built and its location make it an almost impregnable fortress.

Found in fairly good condition, was declared of Cultural Interest in 2004 and remains private. It remains closed seasons and some other quite frank, as has been lacking interest.

Doiras Castle is associated with the wake-up call that some students are doing on the origins of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. The coming to say is that the name of the famous writer is but an allegory to its origins or those of his family and in this parish are all indications:

  • The castle of the lord of Cervantes,
  • Saavedra’s house, located in a site of Vilarello da Igrexa, wearing the coat of arms of Saavedra in the front but was withdrawn by its owners, is currently engaged in farm work and quite damaged.
  • Place of Sano Miguel, a nearby town also belongs to the parish of Vilarello