Cantina Mustallar

Tower Quindous

A Torre de Quindous

In Quindous have to see the fortress tower that belonged to the dynasty of the Lords of Quindós, founded in the fifteenth century by Don Paio Quindós, and inherited by Don Suero Fernández Quindós who litigated with Don Pedro Osorio, M. de Cervantes. The surname named the house and the parish.

The manor is rectangular, with two round towers flanking the main entrance which is displayed on the coat of arms. He looks sober, with small windows and multiple embrasures in the building, and has a large service courtyard formed by the four sides of building buildable.

The tower is personal property, you can not visit the inside and its deterioration is not advanced since inhabits, but still retains some murals on the walls.

The parish church was linked to the manor as it was the chapel.