Cantina Mustallar

Piornedo – Corneantes – Quindous – Castro de Cervantes – Castelo de Cais – San Román – Piornedo


In the bottom of the face cojemos place before Lugo and Donis (about 2km), we turn derehca, in the direction of Suarna Navia. We passed several places like Moreia or Castelo, Corneantes and soon crossed the road from cojemos left going Quindous.

In Quindous have to see the tower fortress that belonged to the lords of disnatia Quindós. The fort is rectangular and has two cylindrical towers flanking the main entrance which is displayed on the coat of arms. It was sold, it remains privately owned and not can visit inside. Beside the tower is the parish church that was, at the time the chapel of the Manor.

We continue our path until we find these a detour to the left, or Castro said Cervantes. Soon we can see the fort, located in a small monticualo visible from all parts of the surrounded. What most stands out from afar is the church of the parish of Castro that was built on the same site for cinstianizar the place.

The fort was partially excavated, was inhabited during the first and second centuries of our era by specializing in the extraction mining aquifer, so is quite different from other settlements in typical military culture.

We left the fort and continued on in the same direction estrada he had, we went through places like Villaluz, rio de Castro and Castillo de Casi (this place castelanizador eagerness of former regime came to be called Castle of dogs) and we join with San Roman I saw the road passing by the Campa Piornedo da Brana.

We can return directly by the Campa da Bran, or make a detour of Vilanova (silanized, right hand) and Ponte de Doiras. We may also take in Carballis feels left and live in the Serra de Vilar and Donís church, there are good views but a continuous chunk unpaved.