Cantina Mustallar

Piornedo – Fabero – Castro de Chano – Guimara (Valle de Fornela)


We left Piornedo, as in the previous case, toward Leon. In Vega de Espinareda we go toward Fornela Valley, by Fabero.

In Fornela, we visit the Castro of Chano, dating from Roman times and, in the same way as the Castro of Cervantes, it was built, followed by its discovery in the excavations, to accommodate the workers specialized in the extraction of gold on the surrounding mountains. Some of the houses excavated have very high walls and we can see that they had two floors.

In Fornela Valley, during the festivities, the young people dance an old dance to the drumbeat and the “chipro” (bagpipe of three holes).

From Guímara, we can visit Braña de Cuadro (it’s better if we take a snack and we have time for relax), walking on a dirt track, which is located on the left-hand and it’s in good condition.

To come back, we have two options: in a regular car it is better to return by the same way, by Fabero. If we have an off-road car, we can follow the track that continues to rise after Braña do Cuadro, we pass by Alto do Marco and we go to Suertes and, from there, we arrive to Candín.

There is also another track that connects the valley with the Asturian town Ibias, that departs from Braña do Cuadro and reaches Tormaleo. Since Tormaleo, there is a dirt track until Balouta, but before we should to be sure about how are the accesses, and we must have the tank full of gas.