Cantina Mustallar

Piornedo – Ponferrada – As Médulas – Peñalba de Santiago – Ponferrada – Piornedo


At the back of the place, we turn right and go through Suarbol, through the Port and Ancares Valley, and through Vega de Espinareda (with the stops that we consider necessary) and we move to Ponferrada.

We should ask for information at the tourist office on the routes and also on typical sites of Ponferrada, in which you can eat tapas or walking.

We take the morning to go to Las Medulas (old gold mines exploited by the Romans through the destruction of the mountains and slopes and the cast of gold) and in the afternoon to Valle del Silencio and Peñalba de Santiago.

We will make the return trip by the same way, because itinerary is already quite long. Another possibility is to make these two excursions on two different days, with more calm.