Cantina Mustallar




It is located in the oldest part of the house (year 1900), at first it was a sheep stable, and in 1975 became the Cantina do Sesto (the name by which the house was known), and later it was named the Mustallar Cantina, on the highest peak of the Galician Ancares.

It’s a small place, that preserves the original stone walls, has a fireplace and a friendly atmosphere.

It is a meeting point in the area and a popular place for parties and parades full of bagpipes and native tambourine players…


Dining room

With capacity for 28 people maximum

Simple and affordable menu, we highlight the broth, cold meat and the beef of calves raised at the mountain pastures.

Sala de uso común

Common rooms

There are two common rooms, one in each house, television, games and fireplace.