Cantina Mustallar


Piornedo is a mountain village (about 1200 m altitude) is located at the foot of one of the most emblematic mountains of the Sierra de Os Ancares (Mustallar).

This small village consisting of a total of 18 houses had at the beginning of the nineteenth century with over 200 people and today we will walk in his thirties, due to a serious problem that affects the massive depopulation in rural areas, especially in such areas and underserved.

The hallmark of Piornedo is to have the largest set pallozas preserved, probably in Europe.

Despite being a cold place for the site altitude highly attractive, is a common people, compact, protected by mountains and has great scenic beauty, although that should improve the conservation of the whole.

We must also say that problems suffered by the isolation of the area and the lack of services in rural, as is the lack of lighting on the roads, etc..