Cantina Mustallar

Piornedo – Balouta – Coro de Rao – Navia – Villarpandin – Corneantes – Piornedo


This time we also turn to the bottom on the right side, towards Leon, we passed by Suarbol and reaching Alto de Cespedes, we go to Balouta. Before taking the crossing, if the day is fine, we must walk about 900 metres towards Ponferrada, to see Porto Peak and, from there, admire the Ancares Valleys, Balouta and Suarbol.

At Balouta, we should stop for a Little, walk around the place, visit some Palloza… Then, we go down the road towards the Rao Church and we will visit Coro, a village that was restored recently and has not visual contrasts that ruin most of the sight.

Then, we continues to Navia de Suarna, which was an important village for many decades because of its cattle fair. The fair is still celebrated, the 29th and the second Sunday of each month. Now they sell hardly any animal, but we should stop to eat in the village: we take a table and the establishment serves us the bread and wine and we have to queue near the cooking pot to buy the octopus.

We come back through Virígo, Villapandín and Acebedo. At some of these places there were big houses and, most importantly, the Pazo de Virígo, that continues inhabited and with the farm working, but now has a look of abandon in its surroundings.

Also, we can come back through Freixis (take the road to Becerrea and turn left after the petrol station) and through Vilaverde, where it is good to see so many cows from a neighbors’ cooperative farm. We continue to Silvouta, then, Campa de Labiadas, where we turn right and go through more villages where we can stop: Vilaquinte, Corneantes, Castelo, Donís…