Cantina Mustallar

Piornedo – Donís – Igrexa de Donís – Vilar – Sete Carballos – Campa da Braña – Albergue – Piornedo


Approximate distance: 45 Kms.

We take the road to Cervantes, on the left in the background and at Donís, after left Naipes House behind, we turn right to go through the middle of the village.  At Donís, we can admire the emblazomed shield of the Casoa house, related to the lineage of Grajal, Alcañices and other families that held the lordship of these lands.

The first stop must be at San Fiz Romanesque church, an authentic catedral on the mountains, restored recently (if we’re lucky and there is some mass, we can admire the wall paintings from the Sixteenth century, as well as the sobriety of the building).

We continued down and arrive to the Xantes Bridges, where there were a mill (the first building on the left, it’s still very well preserved). This place was a major point of attraction for most of the Twentieth century, because all the parishioners came down to die here. Until recently, the parishioners obtained the electricity from the mill, through a dynamo.

One of the bridges, that gives name to the place, is also typical Roman, and it remains a bit buried, due to a new road, but we can see the strength of the construction and the rounded arch.

We take to the road and start going up to the Vilar, at the first crossing we turn right and then left. We can stop at some village and, to take photos, go to the Vilar Mountains. Then, we continue until Seta Carballos and, from there to the left, until Campa da Braña.

From Campa da Braña, we take to the right to go to Tres Bispos, sooner or later we have to stop at the taverns in Campa da Braña.

In Campa del Fieiro, we will found the Club Ancares Hostel, that also worth a stop and its views are impressive. We should visit the Nature Center, that offers information about the flora and fauna in the area, which has statements of Natura SCI, Biosphere Reserve and Oseira Zone, and besides it’s a Game Reserve.

If someone wants to combine a trip by car with a walk, can choose Tres Bispos Peak, Brego or Cabana Vella: the first, following the track to the end and then, a well marked path; the second, turning off the track to the right (to reach Brego via Cabana Vella, where there are some abandoned buildings).

Finally, we come down to Campa da Braña and turn right to Piornedo.