Cantina Mustallar

Port Ancares – Cuíña


Approximate length of route: 1.5 hours (one way).

Park your car in the terrace of Port Ancares and turn to the right (to the east). The route it’s not difficult, because the track along the ridge is well defined, so it’s impossible to be lost. We recommend to climb up to the Cuíña peak, the highest peak in the Ancares mountains, and from there, if it’s a cloudless day, you can stay to see everything (far away Lugo City or Ponferrada, the valleys, the villages… and with binoculars sure you can sight one a chamois or mountain goats pack over some peak) and, those who are tired can choose to relax in the Herrera Well, a glacier lake located on the northwestern slope of Cuiña.

The Herrera Well is also a good place to have a picnic, because the mountain always whet the appetite… but during summer there are usually too much people.

To return to the car you can follow the same track.