Cantina Mustallar

Church Donís

Igrexa de Donís

To reach the church must get in between the people of Donís (dispois of the house of cards right) carefully because the roads are narrow and there is a piece of dirt road. You can leave your car and walk down na estrada, little more than a kilometer.

The people of Donís, rather neglected today, had an interesting past as seen in some houses: cardrooms, home of the Case (family shield Grajal Branson, who held the lordship of Cervantes) …

The church is alone in the middle of the parish and sighted people from almost all of it. IS a sober building, a cathedral in the mountains, a well-worked granite.
It has a central apse and side chapels, was recently restored and brought to light interesting wall paintings dating from the sixteenth century, remains closed except during worship.

In the field took place Donís fairs, the third Sunday of each month, put up to four bars in the country and people, and to deal, spent a pleasant day.
From the church of Donís no roads leading to all the people of the parish are horse trails or riding to preserve the flavor of the past, we recommend Castelo because we are going to allow a Roman bridge, the bridge of Castelo.