Cantina Mustallar

Piornedo – Campa da Braña – Doiras – Vilarello da Igrexa – Balboa – Canteixeira – Villafranca – Ponferrada ou Cacabelos – Vega de Espinareda – Piornedo

Approximate distance: 140 km.

Basically we take place face to Lugo in the first turn left, go through da Braña campaign, where we stop to stretch our legs.

The first stop on the recommended route Doiras to admire the castle, solid strength that belonged to the Marquis of Alcañices, M. de Cervantes and remains private, this very well preserved and alternating periods in which remains closed to others in which is fully open, thereby facilitating access to visitors but also to respctuosos vandals of all conditions.

The landscape at the foot of the river, later grams to give izquerda to visit Vilarello Igrexa.

According to researchers of life and work of Miguel de Cervantes, Vilarello (dodne is mid even the house with the crest of the Saavedra) and nearby San Miguel may have been at the mercy of his lineage.

Tas Vilarello stop on the road back and we face Ambasmestas, through Portelo.

Before coming to Ambasmestas twist to the left and after about 4 km you reach Balboa.Concello Balboa is a small, interesting initiatives on tourism, conservation patromonio and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. There are several built pallizas again (the Chis and Balboa), dedicated to the hospitality industry and those planning events and evening concerts that are open on specific days of the week findes bars.

Among all of Canteixeira highlight (in a village about 3 km from Balboa) was LENVANTO the walls of a building in advance and kept palloza better or else the charm.

Should also know the house of the people, a sort of social center, decorated under the direction of Canteixeira Sunday, which will surprise us like many of the works done in the (in pallozas, bars …)

If the afternoon or evening, apart from a great site we pallizas Mencianos more for a drink and take the pulse of this part of the Sierra Leon and The Water Mill (between Blaber and Ambasmestas left). We may also stop in at the factory Ambasmestas Vegadarte and try the goat cheeses of different varieties and some delicious cheese cakes and chestnuts.

We continue to Villafranca, proud well-preserved medieval town with castle, hermoza charming plaza and streets through which relaxing walk.

After the walk we headed towards Villafranca Ponferrada, which has immense ruins of a Templar castle. Near Ponferrada, so that it will no places worth visiting as are the Médulas, Peñalba Santiago and Valle del Silencio, The Blacksmith of Compludo … (information at the tourist office).

Another possibility, instead of going to Ponferrada to visit Cacabelos (indicated in national or highway) and from heading towards Cacabelos face Justo de la Vega.

Depart from Ponferrada, face to Justo de la Vega, on Highway LE 711. We can make some stops at places that we pass, the Phobos from Bierzo has a special charm are mais great in the valley in the mountains, has homes with Realtors, churches large and beautiful places where people spend the time chatting.

When we started to climb towards the Val de Ancares we have found some smaller towns but very beautiful: Candín Teixedo … that has, like the Galician or problems at the low density and population aging.

We again reach Piornedo per side opposite to that left after passing through the port and by Ancares Suarbol site.